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Music Festival Meals

Dear music friends. Our local butcher
Tranholm will deliver the food for all the musicians and your companions, who wants to have some very delicious meals at the time of our Music Festival.

The menu will be possible to order upfront from March 1th via our registration of participation and we will inform you with further news via our next information letter. You’ll have the opportunity to order single meals or a total order of all offered meals (Friday evening, Saturday lunch and evening, Sunday lunch) for a special weekend-price.

Special price for all 4 meals: 375 DRK (50 Euro)

Friday, June 28thBuffet at 17:30 to 21:00

Tuna-salad placed on mixed green salad
Sæby-ham with melon
Marinated pig roast
Chicken in grape sauce
Small garlic-marinated Potatoes
Cabbage-salad with apple
Italian pasta-salad
Tomato-salad with mozzarella
Bread and butter

150 DKR (20 Euro)

Saturday, June 29th
Lunch at 11:30 to 13:00

Lasagne with green salad
Warm paté with bacon and cucumber
Cold cuts of pork with italian-salad or summer-salad
Egg and tomato with mayonnaise and chives
Rye bread and butter

75 DKR (10 Euro)

Saturday, June 29th
Festival dinner at 17:30 to 20:00

Steamed fish (cod) with prawns, watercress and dressing
Chicken salad with bacon
Roast of beef
Ham roast
Lamb chop with rosemary/garlic
Summer salad with radishes, peas and strawberry
Pasta-salad with pesto, sundried tomato and scallions
Rebild-salad with apples
Greek salad with feta
Scalloped potatoes
Small butter-roasted potatoes
Bread and butter

175 DKR (23 Euro)

Sunday, June 30thLunch at 11:30 to 13:00

Meatballs with potato salad
Roast pork with red cabbage
Salami with remoulade and roasted onion
Rye bread with butter

50 DKR (7 Euro)